Many people abroad wonder “what is going on with those silly Dutch people and why are they suddenly acting like redneck-nazi-retards?” and yes, those are questions that need to be answered. It is not only the people outside the Netherlands that think the Dutch are morons but also in the Netherlands there are people, such as us, the Krapuul writers and readers, who get more and more amazed everyday. Another thing is that during our struggle of the last four years in which we faced clown-politicians and clown-media, we couldn’t help but notice that even the whitest and most native Dutch Henk and/or Ingrid is hardly capable of READING Dutch, let alone writing it.

One can only imagine how hard it is for non-native Dutch Speakers to truly comprehend and read and write about the clownery that is currently going on in the little but oh oh oh oh so important capital of Denmark, which is called the Netherlands.

It would be also a good exercise for us, the current Krapuul group, to practice different languages while we prepare for fleeing the Netherlands. After all, people have been calling us “country-traitors” (does such a word even exist in English? I guess in the US people would have been calling us “flag burners” (or something) for years now.

Your tipical Dutch person

Your typical Dutch person

From an international perspective, hardly anybody speaks Dutch and everybody speaks English. So what’s the point of talking to people that don’t understand you?

And of course most of all, The Netherlands are a lost cause. If somebody is going to rescue us, it will most definitely not be a Dutch native speaker. Not even somebody with Dutch ancestors.

It is for all above reasons that we have decided to go international. The domain has already been registered and will be used for the same type of news & opinions that has appeared here in the last four years, only this time it is going to be in English. It will contain exclusive stories in the English language, but also translations of Dutch articles which we have published.

For the entire world to see and to laugh and joke about. Maybe they can even learn from it and not repeat the kind of horror that we have over here.

And it is not unthinkable that we have people right here in the Netherlands that would like to blog for us, just not in Dutch.

Another option is that people from other countries would like to share their wisdom with us, and give us useful tips about how we can survive in this freakshow which is called “The Netherlands”.

And now the main question:


We are looking for people who would like to blog about bigotry, Dutch and/or European society, fascism, nazism, racism, corrupt politics in the Netherlands or Europe, police brutality, companies that are destroying civilians, hate, sick and corrupt media UND SO WEITER (a bit Deutsch) you probably (hopefully) know the drill. Hell we even like recipes coz we like food.



This is for people who want to help us here in the Titanic. Not for people who want to make a living from people in despair.

Mail: if you are interested

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