Don’t mourn, organize!

By Source, Fair use, wikipedia
By Source, Fair use, wikipedia
Een reactie op de verkiezingen van James Séamus Knight:

Remember: Only about 25% of eligible voters elected Trump. Assuming that another 15% actually supported Clinton (the remaining who voted for her simply wanting to defeat Trump) that leaves 60% of US voters who are completely fed up with US political business as usual, completely disenfranchised by the corporate duopoly. That’s a clear majority.

I was dead wrong about Trump’s electability. But I was right a year ago when I said that the Democratic Party would rather lose than nominate a candidate outside the status quo who stood for real change, though that was clearly what the voters wanted. Both parties deserve to disappear after this election. The Republicans for nominating and getting elected a racist, misogynistic liar who can’t even speak in complete sentences, the Democrats for not even being able to defeat such a deplorable candidate, for insisting on running a candidate who stubbornly stood for the same corporatocracy, income inequality, endless war and ecocide a majority of voters are completely fed up with.

It’s time to let go of that plague infected security blanket of the Democratic Party and stand up for real change. It’s time to love each other and stand by those made most vulnerable by this election, those we should have been standing by all along, who needed support and defense under Democratic rule as well as Republican. There’s a huge mess to clean up and all the power and money are aligned against us. But always remember, we ARE the majority.