#BlackFriday #BLM protest Las Vegas met New Black Panthers

Onderstaand videoverslag is gefilmd door een goede vriendin van mij Vera Colorful Hoop.

Dit is wat zij mij vertelde over het protest:

I went to the protest as a BLM supporter in opposition of Black Friday. I was protesting with LV organizations All Shades United, Cop Block, and Food Not Bombs. We were boycotting Black Friday, which is one of the highest consumer days of the year. We were protesting the large corporations who are in partnership with the same system that oppresses black people, people of color, and poor people. As we were protesting we saw the New Black Panther Party having a confrontation with about 9 Metro Police officers. We went over to make sure no harassment or shady business went on between the cops and the NBPP. The men were walking around the mall and the mall security told them they had to leave because of their uniforms which had a NBPP logo. The men said they had been in the mall plenty of times before with the same uniforms and were not asked to leave until today. Obviously sheltering white people from Black Liberation, which is what I thought.
I definitely don’t condone the hate speech the leader of the group was using, but a lot of what he said was true.