Dames houden van bandieten

Bessie was a lovely child from west Tennessee
Leroy was an outlaw hard-eyed and mean
One day she saw him starin’ and it chilled her to the bone
And she knew she had to see that look on a child of her own

[Refrein:] ‘Cause ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs
Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold
And outlaws touch the ladies
Somewhere deep down in their soul

Linda was a lady blonde and built to last
Benny was a no good guitar picker runnin’ from his past
She heard all of his songs tellin’ nothin’ but bad news
But she made her mind up to try to gain him win or lose


Jessi liked the Cadillacs and diamonds on her hands
Waymore had a reputation as a ladies’ man
Late one night a light of love finally gave a sign
Jessi parked her Cadillac and took her place in line

[2x refrein]

Ladies love outlaws, origineel van Waylon Jennings, 1972

Bij de Everly Brothers wordt het nog meer country…


En ja, dit countrylied past in de Gayle McCormick-gedachtenis (deel 3), dit is namelijk haar laatste plaatopname, als zangeres in het refrein bij deze versie, geproduceerd door Waylon Jennings.

Jimmy Rabbitt & Renegade, 1976