Folkklassieker/protestsong du jour: Songdog – Days of Armageddon

Prachtige, literaire evocatie van de nucleaire holocaust door een zwaar onderschatte neofolk band.  Songschrijver Lyndon Morgans behoort mijns inziens  tot de beste moderne tekstdichters. Favoriete album: ‘Haiku’, waarop je ook ‘Days of Armageddon’ kunt vinden.

They’re lighting fires on the hills
There’s a checkpoint two blocks away
And you haven’t moved for hours
Watching the light bleed from the day

Your horoscope said, “Don’t panic,
Whatever’s gonna be is gonna be.
These are the days of Armageddon.
Best take lots of LSD.”

And your sweet little Sagittarian streetwalker friend said,
“The sky would be a lake of fire just before the end.”
I watched you tapping your vein
You said, “Let’s go steal a car”
And you told me you once licked Billy
All along his appendix scar

I went down the corner
Bumped into old Popeye
He was spinning a dagger
Best of three, to live or to die
He said, “I know nothing’s ever forgiven and nothing’s forgot
Hoped I’d be down on my knees eating pussy when the going got hot

I trailed your tail lights all night,
I had some vision thing
I know it’s way too late for visions
We stopped at a bombed-out Burger King

We sleep all day under bridges
Wander looted museums by night
Me in my stars-and-stripes overcoat
You in your hammer-and-sickle tights

I took a dead man’s Gibson, gonna write the world’s last great song
But my muse was out fucking in gutters all night long