Soulklassieker voor de toekomst: But anyway

Eens iets wat helemaal van NU is, een rap/talking blues over de gentrificatie/verwitting van Washington DC door een bewogen artieste. Tarica June.

Today’s a good day
know it’s finna be sweet
I heard somebody playin Dom on Kennedy Street
remembering the west coast where the energy’s sweet
I did my yoga this morning so my memory’s peaked
but anyway, off-grid shit, nothin to tweet
the city’s still filling up with those who dance off-beat
more than a hundred forty characters and all of em weak
they walk by, low eye, act like they can’t speak
they walk dogs–when I say that I don’t mean their feet
that’s cause they scared of their neighbors, them they don’t wanna meet
but anyway, this is third generation for me
my parents and my grandparents all from DC
so I feel like I notice things other folks can’t see
And like I represent things other folks can’t be
and I remember
all Black on the green line
and all the kids had jobs in the Summertime
say what you want about Barry, but he cared for the poor
and that ain’t who these new fools working for
I tell em, “That aint who these new fools workin for”
they tryna kick us all out and just build more stores

..but anyway, i could go on forever
bout all of the bull

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