Countryklassieker du jour: Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans – Apocalyptic Modified Blues

Uit de prairieklei getrokken Canadese country, net een graadje intellectueler dan de gemiddelde Garth Brooks jeremiade.

Gather round me all you sinners, all you gamblers and card sharps
You drinkers and abusers, all you fighters at your hearts
You might pay heed…
Cuz ain’t nothin’ ever walked the earth like this before

Have you made your peace with Odin and with Baal and Aphrodite
Cuz there’s a triple headed serpent here with one hell of a bite
And he knows you…
He knows you and laughs and locks the door

The time has come to learn Arabic for to study on your fate
In verse of old Mohammed and the prophets of the lake
Of fire and ice…
And sulphur, blood and demon acts of war

So take that little .410 bird gun and them crooked liars’ dice
They’ll be of no use to you in some chanceless afterlife
But roll them bones…
You oughta roll ‘em like you’ve never rolled before

(wahid, ithinin, thalatha, arba’a…)

Beast of field will be upon you, bird of air pluck out your eye
The mercy of the nations will be deaf unto your cry
And on that day…
Ten horns upon the beast shall hate the whore

Zeker in deze barre tijden: altijd goed om op het ergste voorbereid te zijn.