Dagafsluiter: Bass Culture

LKJ’s ode aan reggae als de soundtrack van de revolutie. Het ritme van de muziek is het ritme van de opstand en daarmee van het leven zélf. De optimistische boodschap kunnen veel mensen momenteel goed gebruiken: for di time is nigh/when passion gather high/when di beat jus lash/when di wall mus smash/an di beat will shiff/as di culture alltah/when oppression scatta.

muzik of blood
black reared
pain rooted
heart geared
all tensed up
in di bubble an di bounce
an di leap an di weight-drop

it is di beat of di heart
this pulsing of blood
that is a bubblin bass
a bad bad beat
pushin gainst di wall
whey bar black blood

an is a whole heappa
passion a gather
like a frightful form
like a righteous harm
giving off wild like is madness


hotta dan di hites of fire
livin heat doun volcano core
is di cultural wave a dread people deal
spirits riled
an rise an rail thunda-wise
latent powa
in a form resemblin madness
like violence is di show
burstin outta slave shackle
look ya! boun fi harm di wicked

man feel
him hurt confirm
man site
destruction all aroun
man turn
love still confirm
him destiny a shine lite-wise
soh life tek the form whey shiff from calm
an hold di way of a deadly storm

culture pulsin
high temperature blood
swingin anger
shattering di tightened hold
the false hold
round flesh whey wail freedom
bitta cause a blues
cause a maggot suffering
cause a blood klaat pressure
yer still breedin love
far more mellow
than di soun of shapes
chanting loudly
what a beat!

for di time is nigh
when passion gather high
when di beat jus lash
when di wall mus smash
an di beat will shiff
as di culture alltah
when oppression scatta