If you can’t beat ‘em

Op lancasteruaf.blogspot.com een fijn verhaal over extreem-rechts in het EU parlement;

When the new European Parliament convened this week, its ranks included Hungarian gypsy-haters, French Holocaust deniers, Dutch Islam-baiters, Austrian antisemites, Italian racists, and Flemish separatists, as well as Griffin, for whom Islam is a cancer and who wants boats of illegal immigrants sunk at sea. The parliament bigwigs promptly moved to marginalise them, conspiring to keep the extremists out of the key posts and committees. But in the countries of Europe, the picture is much more varied. Take Italy. (meer)

Er zijn mensen die de theorie aanhangen dat dit de beste manier is om met extreem-rechts om te gaan; give them power and watch them self-destruct.

Give them power = nee, watch them self-destruct = ja.