Trump vindt de alt-right niet meer aardig. En het gevoel is wederzijds

Trump heeft van een interview met de New York Times gebruik gemaakt om uitdrukkelijk afstand te nemen van de ‘alt-right’, een eufemistische term voor  neo-nazi’s. Opmerkelijk, want een van Trump’s belangrijkste adviseurs, Stephen Bannon, beschouwt zichzelf als vertegenwoordiger van de ‘alt-right’.

First of all, I don’t want to energize the group. I’m not looking to energize them. I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group. They, again, I don’t know if it’s reporting or whatever. I don’t know where they were four years ago, and where they were for Romney and McCain and all of the other people that ran, so I just don’t know, I had nothing to compare it to.

But it’s not a group I want to energize, and if they are energized I want to look into it and find out why.

Trump’s move lijkt vooral ingegeven te zijn door opportunisme. Nadat zaterdag uitlekte dat op een bijeenkomst van het National Policy Institute – een denktank van de alt-right –  de Hitlergroet werd gebracht, was de wereld te klein en nam de druk op Trump om afstand te nemen van de groep toe.

breitbartTrump nam ook afstand van de verkiezingsbelofte dat hij Hillary Clinton strafrechtelijk zou laten vervolgen, iets wat hem door de harde kern niet in dank werd afgenomen. Het naziblog Breitbart News opende met de kop “Een gebroken belofte” (zie hiernaast) en ook op Reddit en bij 4chan kon men Trump’s uitlatingen maar matig waarderen.  Bij sommigen overheerste het realisme:

Trump’s a civic nationalist which is a step in the right direction. His election was all about buying time, securing the Supreme Court and stopping illegal immigration. His victory is important but I hope no one deluded themselves into thinking that he was the second coming

Anderen zien Trump als een Machiavelliaanse opportunist:

Wtf I hate Drumpf now.

Play the long game, if there are any retards that don’t understand Machiavellianism on here, read up and learn.

Trump is going to say many things that disappoint, watch what he does.

As others have said though, even an edgy civic nationalist is GOD TIER compared to the neocucks and neolibs

Weer anderen geven Spencer de schuld:

Trump is a politician and they can’t be trusted. They are about power. The Alt-Right means little to him because they don’t have the numbers, power nor money.

Having said that, he probably would have given a much more diplomatic response if it wasn’t for the brilliant idea to give ‘roman salutes’ and ‘hail’. And NPI & co are the ‘clean’ Alt-Right… never mind the Hollywood subculture scene…

En uiteraard zitten volgens sommigen DE JODEN er achter:

” if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why.”

So in other words he may fix a few issues (border security) that people within are connecting with. In an attempt to slow White Nationalist growth.

Anyone who didn’t think he was controled oppistion(!) from day 1 is a fool. The jews have been backing him as they didn’t want another obomber on their hands. The want to be able to bleed us dry and the dems were looking to support muslims over the jews.

Demirats – open borders , race mixing , hand outs / Republicunts – cheap labor and non stop support for israel

Both parties are shit and should be dismantled